Why I Go to #bp16conf and What I Do to Prepare
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Why I go to BP16 translation conference and what I do to prepare

As some of you might already know, I’m going to BP16 Translation Conference in Prague. Since this is the first event of this kind I’m going to attend, it’s a big deal for me! That is why I decided to write a blog post about what I expect to get from this conference and what I do to prepare.


The first time when the thought of attending the event crossed my mind was when I read about it in a blog post in late 2015. The venue and the time attracted my attention. April is when my non-freelancing husband usually takes a vacation and we were planning to go to Italy by car so Prague was on our way.


The more I thought about it, the more realistic it seemed and my husband was very supportive of the idea (I’m so lucky!). But why go? Caterina Saccani shared some of the reasons in her article on The Open Mic and Csaba Bán wrote about the benefits of attending translation conferences in his recent post on LinkedIn Pulse. Here are some of my own considerations:


I will meet in person some of the colleague translators that I got to know on-line over the past few months!


We live at a wonderful time when we can interact and even become friends no matter how far from each other we live. When I was scrolling through the list of attendees I was happy to see many familiar names and faces. I’m really looking forward to meeting these people in real life. By the way, if you would like to meet up during the conference, just shoot me an email!


If I learned one thing in 2015 it was that getting out of my comfort zone is good!


And for someone who spends her days mostly surrounded by cats (and a dog) going to a conference is far outside the comfort zone. But all good things happen exactly in that place. I’m slowly getting into the habit of doing things that frighten me and I like the results.


I love to learn, so two days packed with amazing sessions feel like a real treat for me.


And I’m sure that there will be inspiring and enlightening talks with colleagues, too!


So last Monday I booked my ticket for the conference! And since I love making lists (who doesn’t?) I made a list of things to do before the departure. Here’s its work-related part:


Order business cards


That’s right, I don’t have any business cards. I only translate from English into Russian and can meet my target clients only online.


Prepare content in advance


I’m aiming to publish posts on my blog every week, so I’m thinking of writing two extra articles and scheduling them to go out while I’ll be away (which will take longer since we’ll be going to Italy after the conference).


I will also need to schedule the emails for my I Love Mondays newsletter. This one is non-negotiable. Since I started sending out my translations of articles for small business owners and creative entrepreneurs back in October I haven’t missed a single week (something I’m really proud of). I have already found the articles I want to translate (it’s a series on branding from Caroline Celso, owner and creator of Made Vibrant brand, web-designer, hand-letterer, artist, writer and teacher. Check out her blog here, it’s really awesome!), and the rest is a matter of skill coupled with good time-management.


I’m not sure if I will schedule any Twitter updates because I hope to tweet about the conference.


Get in touch with some of the people I want to meet during the conference


As I mentioned, I know quite a lot of attendees and I guess it’s a good idea to let them know that I would like to meet them in person. What do you think?


Participate in chats on Slack


Setting up a Slack channel was an excellent idea since it’s a great opportunity for all of us to get acquainted even before the event. I hope I will be able to squeeze this into my schedule.


Set up an email auto-responder


This is something I do every time I go on vacation, but this is the first time I’m also going to a conference and I think it’s worth mentioning.


Take care of all the formalities


Need to send a report to the local tax office or pay pension fund contributions or taxes? I do and I don’t want these things to spoil the trip, so I’m planning to do everything before I leave.


Pick the sessions I’m going to attend


I’m not good at making decisions in general, especially when I’m presented with too many choice options. This is why I want to think about it in advance.


As a first-time conference attendee I might have missed some important things, so any tips and advice are very welcome!


If you’re like me and BP2016 is going to be your first conference too, don’t miss our blab with Caterina Saccani next week on March, 30 at 12 pm EST/5pm GMT! Caterina will share her experience of going to a conference as a student, a regular attendee and a speaker. We’ll discuss the lessons she learned after her first conference, ways to combine going to a conference with a vacation, the benefits of doing a presentation and much more.


You can subscribe to the blab here or just hop on our mailing list at Blabbing Translators website and we’ll be sending you reminders about the blabs as well as their recaps.


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