English to Russian Translation for Indie Authors | Marketing support
Share your story with 260 million Russian speakers around the world. Translation from English into Russian. Marketing support.
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Share your story

with the audience half the size of the US population

You’re a successful independent author with one or several books under your belt. You like to have control over the publishing process, and you’re not ready to let other people tell you how to write or market your book, or what cover to choose.


You’re ready for the next challenge, and you’ve been toying with the idea of translating your book into another language.


Professional translation is the best way to share your ideas with more readers, to touch more lives, to make the world a happier place.


But how do you go about it?


What you need is a partner that will not only recreate your book in a different language, but also help you navigate in a new culture and find your readers.


This is where I come in.

I help passionate non-fiction writers share their life-changing ideas with Russian readers by providing professional translation services and marketing assistance.

What I can do for you

Translate your book and all marketing materials

I will carefully transcreate your book in Russian not only rendering your ideas but also preserving your voice. I will also translate any materials that you need to market your book, like newsletters or landing pages.

Provide marketing support

My ultimate goal is to get your book in the hands of Russian readers. I will help you find your audience, get the first reviews, and spread the word about your book. Or we can work together to come up with something fun and quirky for your book launch.

Meet your translator

My name is Elena Tereshchenkova. I’ve been working as an independent English and German to Russian translator for the past 11 years and I love my job.


I’ve been working with both translation agencies and direct clients, and over the years I’ve helped tourists discover exciting destinations, luxury brands expand into a new market, hotels stay in touch with their guests, developers attract loyal users and companies provide learning materials to their staff abroad.


I have translated dozens of websites, brochures, surveys, portals, product descriptions, magazines, catalogues, guides, and apps, and made them available to Russian speakers around the world.


Now I want to help you tell your story.

For the past few years I’ve been working exclusively in the creative translations domain. That means that I’m used to transferring ideas into Russian, which is my mother tongue, using the tools of the language that best fit the purpose and style of the text.


I went one step further when I started a weekly newsletter called I Love Mondays in October, 2015. The idea was simple: I was going to reach out to my favorite non-fiction writers and ask them for permission to translate their articles into Russian and share them with my audience.


Since that time I’ve been sending out my translations of pieces written by Seth Godin, Mark Manson, Greg McKeown, Courtney Carver, and many others every week.


This has helped me perfect my skills and build an audience interested in a variety of subjects including minimalism, time-management, productivity, overcoming fears, taking action, and living a more happy and meaningful life.


Here’s what the readers say about my translations:

Ready to discuss your project or have any questions?

Get in touch

You can use the contact form below, send me an email at elena@wordsboutique.com or schedule a Skype chat to talk about your translation needs or discuss other ways we can help each other.

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