Evernote for Translators
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Evernote for translators

I continue to share the information about the apps I like and today I want to tell you all about how I use Evernote.


I had heard about this app long before I started using it. First I couldn’t understand all the fuss, but then when I finally installed it first on my Mac and then on my smartphone last summer I couldn’t imagine my life without it.


There are a smartphone app, a desktop app, and a web-app. You can also choose between the Basic, Plus and Premium versions.


In July Evernote increased the prices for the paid versions of the app and set some limitations for the customers using it for free. However the prices differ depending on the market, so check it out and see if the price for your country looks reasonable.


I use the Premium version and for me, it’s totally worth the money, although the cost of the yearly subscription in Russia is lower than in the US.


So, what is Evernote? Basically, it’s a note-taking app that allows you to organize your notes by using tags and notebooks. It also has a powerful search function and offers a number of collaboration tools.


There is a lot of different ways to organize your notes and to use Evernote as a team and I will provide some links at the end of this article. But first, let me tell you how I use Evernote to run my translation business and keep my life more organized.


Brain dump


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you sit down to work on a translation and suddenly you remember that you have to send an email, or do something around the house, or look up some information for your new awesome idea? Yes, this is called procrastination and I found a way to keep it at bay.


I have a special note that I named Brain Dump and where I dump ALL the ideas that come to my mind while I work. The funny thing is that once I get it out of my head and into that note, I know that I can return to it later and it doesn’t get in the way of my work anymore.


Can I use something else for the same purpose, like a notebook and a pen? Sure! The advantage of Evernote is that it’s always with me and that I can look for things using the search function.


Making notes on the go


Multi-tasking is evil. I read about it all the time. But I would argue that sometimes it can be good.


Listening to podcasts while washing the dishes and doing things around the house is one example.


Coming up with a plan for an article during a walk with my dog is another one.


I often have great ideas when I’m out and about, and Evernote lets me capture them. I even don’t have to type, because there’s a decently working dictation function built in into the app.


And the best thing is that you can continue working on your blog post idea later on your computer thanks to synchronization between your devices.


Saving articles and pages 


Evernote web clipper is one of the best features of the app. I clip everything: articles I want to share, translate for I Love Mondays or read later; recipes I want to try out; contact pages of companies and authors I want to contact (more on that later), you name it.


I can choose the format in which to save the resource. I can save it as an article, a simplified article with a minimalistic design, a whole page, a link or a screen shot.


I can also add tags and choose the notebook I want to create a note in, which makes it easier to search for information later.


By the way, when you save an article to Evernote the app context feature suggests you similar content from around the web. I find it very useful for my content marketing.


Using Evernote as a simple CMS (Customer Management System)


As I already mentioned, I use Evernote to save the details of clients I want to contact. It might be a contact page or sometimes even an App Store page of an app I want to localize.


Every time I find something I’d like to translate I save it to Evernote using either the web clipper or the sharing function on my iPhone.


This creates a separate note for a particular client and I can set a reminder for following up with that client, make some notes on what we have discussed, etc.


Scanning documents


Have you ever dreamt about a paperless office? If you have, Evernote might be a great choice for you.


The app allows you to scan and store documents, as well as organize them using tags and notebooks, perform searches and even share it with others.




I love newsletters. I hate overflowing inbox. That’s why Evernote is the perfect solution for me.


All my newsletters land in my Inbox notebook. There are no notifications, so I don’t get distracted by the incoming mail and can read the letters in my leisure time.


Pro tip: I made a special note with my Evernote email address and pinned it to the shortcuts for easy access so that I can just copy and paste it every time I want to subscribe to an interesting newsletter.


Turning emails into notes


Another great function of Evernote is the ability to turn your emails into notes.


Now you don’t have to keep all your important emails in your inbox. You can just send them to your Evernote email address and they’ll be safely kept there as notes.


To create a note in a particular notebook put @name_of_the_notebook at the end of the email subject line. If you don’t specify the name of the notebook, the note will be created in your default notebook.


To add a tag to that note put #name_of_the_tag at the end of the subject line.


To add a reminder to the newly created note use the exclamation point before the date you want to get a reminder on. For example: !tomorrow, !2016/11/24


You can read more about this feature in this article.


As promised I’m sharing some links about how you can use Evernote more effectively.


Michael Hyatt writes a lot about Evernote. Here’s a link to his article on how to effectively organize Evernote with a list of his other posts on the subject.


Another great resource is this article on the Buffer blog about ways to use Evernote to power up your marketing and productivity.


Here’s an article about how you can use Evernote for collaboration.


I also highly recommend this YouTube channel with tons of useful videos on how you can use Evernote for a variety of different purposes. For example, check out this video on how to build a simple CRM system using Evernote.



Are you an Evernote user? What’s your favorite feature? Let me know in the comments. And please don’t forget to share the article if you found it useful.


Image courtesy of Kaboompics.



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