The Many Enjoyments of a Visit to Puglia

Do you like the idea of renting a Puglia villa with pool? At this time of year, just thinking about a holiday in this wonderful part of Italy might fill you with excitement. So it should! Here’s why.  สล็อตเว็บตรง


Out of the hundreds of regions that make up Italy, including your own, this one is surely the most ‘ unique ‘, not only in its own character but also in the variety of attractions and destinations available to you. Only here will you find places so historically important as the Cavuvergine Islands, medieval towns, castles, churches, living museums and an unrivalled array of sea and mountain adventures.


The beautiful island of Liguria, off the coast of Italy, is worth a visit. You can also see the almost-extinct Hittorugal caves, although you cannot swim inside them (they are underground). The spectacular pharaonic ruins of Knossos are definitely worth a visit.


If you do visit Italy and stay in a Puglia villa with pool, you’ll be ideally located for a blend of historical and cultural experiences.


The Trulli of Alberobello


The most famous trulli of Alberobello are possibly the most famous sights of the region. These trulli are limestone dwellings built as far back as the prehistoric era with the primary purpose being to house the family and their livestock.


These unique houses were also used as farmhouses and even as the location for Crosby’s Tomb. Today you can see a well-preserved trullo in the centre of a piazza in Pitigliano. The impressive stone dwellings stand just behind a building that serves as a wine bar and restaurant. Inside the trullo you can enjoy a bar with a barbeque and a classic menu, where the main courses are enhanced by the guests’ choices from fresh herbs and fresh fish to meat and varieties of fruit.


The Maccaroni of Pozzallo


The island of Pozzallo is traversed by many a tourist on a Puglia villa with pool, and it’s easy to see why. If you want to capture a memorable sight of the sea and the island’s wildlife in one spot, go to Maccaroni. Here you will find the nests of the rather rare Island Owl and the irritation of the Bald Eagle, both of which have been attracted to human food. Wildlife tours are also offered to Humans but they are few and far between as they are usually accompanied by a larger cage.


Gennargentu National Nature Park


Another carbon strata that is worth a mention is Genna Danube National Park, which is located on the Como Peninsula along the Italian Riviera. Here you will find the remarkable Kukuna Bushmen, who have been living here for thousands of years. The park hosts include Stone Age petroglyphs that are well-preserved, and also features stone monuments that were hand-built in various sizes. These monuments are referred to as the Nuraghic Wars. A Nuraghic Village Trail map is available to guide you through the park. Theissa Picnic Area and the nearby museum are also worth a look.




The tiny island of Bari is just 8 kilometres outside of the city of Naples on the westernmost tip of the boot. The island is best known for its fantastic beaches but it is also a world heritage sight. In Bari, you can visit the basilica of San Giorgio, the tombs of the Rhodopes, as well as the aspirin factory.


Enjoy a visit to a exquisite seaside town in the surroundings of Bari. You can see the almost-extinct Black Lip, which has its origins in the Alps. Other fine sights include the Buddhist Temple of holders, the Buddhist museum and the villa vicore, which is a 17th century mansion.


Don’t miss the quarries as this area is also known for its marble. Head out to hear the local speak and decide for yourself if they are speaking in a normal voice or if they are reverberating off of an orthopedic resonator. Visit the local village and enjoy a relaxing paddle on the banana boats, a unidosha (a canoe made with paddle wheeled stones) and relishing the sights of the salt sea. Or you can swim in the fake tide pools at their fabulous hotels.


If you are keen on sports, then you are certainly in heaven. Lake Garda, about 50 kilometres out of town, is a recent winner of the European basketball championship. It is now the home to the Italian national team and the 2006 Olympics silver medalist, Felipe Massa.


You will also find spectacular cliffs and incredible vistas in every direction.