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Ensure You Have the Right Issue and Resolution History With Logistics Software

More and more companies are beginning to take advantage of efficient shipping logistics because practical aspects like delivery time and cost are starting to become increasingly difficult to decipher. While the details might be difficult to digest, shippers know that something about their shipping process needs improving.


One area that many companies begin to notice after implementing logistics software is an increased knowledge of procedure and how it impacts the shipping process. This comes from seeing how the software can analyze issue #1 – the need for a well-defined shipping process.


Every process in the shipping process has something to do with procedure. No matter the issue, when something is done the right way, it can save money and make the whole process run smoother. The biggest struggle that modern shippers have is with issue #2 – making the shipping process more “user friendly” so that less “techy” people can use it.


What is a Tech?


If you can put your name to a process, you are considered a tech. Not all tasks are user friendly, and using the software to process something that is not a user friendly process is putting you in the tech category. Not all tasks are tech specific and even some things that are tech specific may involve things that are process specific (i.e. getting the part manufactured).


For example, I personally would never ship my computer parts digitally because it is such a precise process. Tracking the process step by step is absolutely necessary for producing a perfect item. Therefore, such a process must bestep by step.


Shipping procedure step by step


The above process is step by step. Since the user must perform each step, it must follow a strict procedure. That is why the step by step process probably costs more than the software. The software can complete most of the process, and can do some steps that a traditional shipper would not.


For example, if the user wants to ship a part digitally, they would probably need more than one scan of the part. Shippers would scan part number one, then scan part number two, then if the item is to be shipped digitally they would scan part number 3, and so on.  Logistics Software  Logistics Software  Logistics Software  Logistics Software


Scanning and then printing the part onto card stock and subsequently hanging the cards together is a process that happens quite often in the courier industry. The step by step process is something that a modern courier company would need because that is how they manage to stay in business.


Send this package electronically


When sending an item across the country, the postal service needs to scan and print the GPS coordinate of that location. If the package is to be sent by a postal truck, then the GPS coordinate of that location will have to be input into the system.


All of this takes time. A traditional company would need to scan the GPS coordinate of that location, then need to print it out. Then they would need to scan it again, and if they couldn’t match the original scan, they would have to guess which plate was correct. This process would be repeatable if they had the scanning equipment, but expensive.


Software and advances in technology have changed all that.


With the recent advent of GPS applications, it is now possible to take advantage of the advances in technology and make the process of tracking your packages easier than ever. packages are tracked, much like your deliveries are, using the location GPS coordinates. If you send your packages out to your customers, they should receive them without hassle.


Courier software now allows you to input all of the pertinent information you need from the customers as the packages are sent out. You can tell which box has their package, or if you are shipping something already completed, you can scan a bar code or other device that matches the package.


Warehouse management UFABET เว็บตรง


By integrating your accounting and inventory with the package tracking software you are able to minimize error and cut down on the amount of time it takes to return misdirected or lost packages. It is true that software cannot physically trace packages, and no tracking system is perfect. However, if combined with a good dispatch program and a quality courier, you can reduce your losses by coming up with a system that properly combines tracking and package management.

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