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Online Shopping – Keep It Safe


Everyone is back at work or looking for ways to make that extra salary. One of tools they use in their quest is the internet. It’s become a limitless resource, with easy access to it from anywhere. However, therein lies the risk. risk of information being accessed by those who aren’t supposed to have it. If you’re not careful, you can open yourself up to all kinds of trouble.


If you’re going to do your shopping online, there are steps you can take to control the risk. The first thing you need to do is to set up accounts with online stores. If you’re a reserch buyer, you should consider using a site that has been recommended by friends and family.


Most sites have a security section where they’ll tell you what they’re working on and how vulnerable it is. Before you visit their site, read their privacy policy, and then give them your account info. Make sure it’s a secure site before you ever enter any personal information.


The next step is to avoid buying things from sites that seem shady. Buy from trusted sellers only. If you’d like to buy from somewhere that has a reputation, check out online reviews. The sites that get positive reviews are usually all safe.


Before you buy something, check the site’s refund and returns policies. Make sure they prohibit returns, and if they do for a refund, they can sure as hell afford to be slow in getting it back.


You may end up paying for it, but whether you buy it or not, make sure you check out the store’s privacy policy. It may say they’ll share your information with their parent company, but that company probably doesn’t mean your refund.


It’s a good idea to go to the store’s homepage and see if there are any kinds of responses to your query. If there isn’t, then you can assume the store is not going to honor your purchase.     สล็อตเว็บตรง Online Shopping  Online Shopping  Online Shopping  Online Shopping  Online Shopping 


Be aware that when you buy something from someone, it’s likely to be from a vendor who spreads viruses and malware about the purchaser. It’s especially likely if you’ve never purchased from them before.


Remember, when you buy something online, it’s likely that a crook can put a virus in your computer and contact your family and friends, telling them they gave you money. And if you’ve never heard of this store, you won’t be able to trust them once you give them your money.


Since the stores are open 24 hours, and many of them open at night, there are a lot of people who might be coming in to the store during your convenience.  Sometimes they’ll sear also, so be sure to watch out when you’re in there.


Lastly, click on the security seal on the site. This is to show that the store knows what they are doing when they sell something. It’s a real seal that you want to see because it means a lot when it comes to protecting your purchase.


Question: I get a lot of searches from people who want to know where else they can buy certain items and they are looking for safe online shopping sites. What should I warn them about?


Answer: Buy from anywhere is the first rule of online shopping. The second rule of shopping online is that you can trust any seller if you can see their verification of identity.


Use one of the credit card or Debit cards with the green or red seal of authorization. This is to know that the seller has verified their status. If they don’t have a seal on the site, then you can know they are not going to be as honest as they say they are.


Question: I trust E-bay and it has the safest shopping cart. Where else can I buy safely?


There are other great sites like and there are many others where you can buy safely. But, they don’t want to just sell you stuff, they want your money.


When you buy from you can Order with the following precautions:


Include a complete andHelduit detail of all payments including bank charges, amounts paid by check or cashiers check and any wire transfers. This will help you to contract with the seller over the phone, in person or through any other way you choose to pay.


Include a statement offering the Seller a second chance to clear your payment.


Send your payment to the Seller using a method of payment that is as sure and secure as possible. (These sites will sometimes even send your payment over the Internet to the Seller through your bank on your behalf.) This is so that your cost goes through banks and not the company that just gave you the check.


Make sure the site is PCI compliant (on most everywhere else it is not).


They have a very secure shopping cart system and will pull up a secure URL to shopping cart after you type in your URL.

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